Monday, 19 January 2015

More Snakebite Orks.

Well, I've been trying to find some time to work on the new army, and here's where I'm up to.

The mob of boyz I first started has been joined by the rest of the lads.

I'm quite happy with the variation I've managed to get into the mob. From the gnarly old nob leader, to the homage to the old school snakebites with the Mohawks. In the end, I decided city granite for the bases, simply because it adds a nice contrast to the boyz selection of browns and yellows.

The mob does have big old banner boy there. He has no use in the game, I just thought it's quite fitting for the snakebite clan. Speaking of which... since I've started this army, I've realized just how little is known about the snakebites. With the other clans having access to more toys, or faster trukks, or whatever, its easy to see why these old hacks get forgotten about.

The common misconception with the snakebites is that they are feral Orks. It's easy to see why people think that, but it's not the case. Where feral orks fall off the radar when a waaagh moves to the next planet, and regress back to a more primal state, the snakebites are just a very traditional orky clan. They get organized, are expert hunters and trappers, and second to non at raising livestock, be that squigs, grotz, or lord knows what. The clan gets it's name from the tradition of letting snakes bite the young orks so they come immune to the venom of the bite. They're a traditional lot, as I've mentioned.

So what does all this mean for my army? Well, it means I'm not just building a horde of boyz wielding club and bits of bone, which most people seem to think is going to happen. It means I'm going to have trukks and dreads and guns. I'm not saying there's going to be tellyportas everywhere and such, but I'll still have a few toys.

Which leads me on to my first scratch build. I've built a trukk up for the lads. I wanted a WW2 supply trukk style thing going on here. The 40's inspired bonet and engine, with the wheel arches fits the snakebite's old school view on life, I feel.    

The wheels and tracks come from a bits company based here in the northwest of england, zinge industries. Check them out here: Zinge They've got all the bitz a budding mek would want and more to boot!

I built up the cab rollcage using 3mm brass rod. The rivets also come from zinge. I'm not going to lie, the smaller sprues of these are an absolute nightmare to handle. They're probably half a mil across each...

So a couple of shots of the completed trukk. I love a vehicle with plenty of personality, and I feel this trukk brings plenty of that to the army already! The engine covers are from a dakkajet. I had the sprues left over from building the Sabre flier a very months back.

Well, that's all I've got so far, but check back, there will be more greenskins on the march soon.